Brownstoner Queens to Launch Later This Month


    Scooped on our own scoop! As the Daily News wrote last night, Brownstoner will be expanding northward to the neighboring borough of Queens later this month. We’ve been spending more and more time on the other side of the Pulaski Bridge over the past couple of years and feel like the time is right, not only from a business perspective but from a personal one as well. As some of the old-timers around here may recall, part of the fun of Brownstoner in the early days came from bringing readers along for the ride as we got to know our new home of Brooklyn; we hope to do the same in Queens. Don’t worry, we’re not decamping from Clinton Hill any time soon (in fact we’re just starting a renovation!), but we are looking forward to immersing ourselves in a borough whose culture and diversity is right up there with Brooklyn’s. Sunday afternoon field trips that combine architectural walking tours with a sampling of local ethnic cuisines? Yes, please! The news frankly got out a little bit ahead of us, so the new site won’t be ready to launch for two or three weeks. In addition to finalizing the editorial staff, we’ll be spending that time migrating the content from, a year-old local blog that we purchased last week from BlankSlate. The deal will give Brownstoner Queens some instant archives, and also pave the way for the site to have its own proprietary real estate marketplace like in Brooklyn courtesy of BlankSlate. So what should you expect? A pretty similar mix of real estate and local news as Brownstoner Brooklyn currently serves up. Since we’re well aware that we’re going to be interloping newbies, we’ll be even more reliant than ever on reader tips and feedback, so don’t hold back. Matters of all concern can be addressed to Brooklyn and Queens will operate as separate platforms for the near future, with the Forum being shared. At some point in the not too distant future, the whole shebang is due for a major overhaul so we’ll be watching closely to develop a sense for how closely (or not) posts about the two boroughs fit together.

    Thanks to everyone for their continued support and readership. We’re excited for the next chapter.

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