Astoria’s Da Franco Italian restaurant is for sale


    Image source: Craigslist

    We were tipped off to the fact that Da Franco Ristorante Italiano is for sale. This is the Italian restaurant occupying one of the ground floor spaces in the Pistilli Riverview East building on 21st Street in Astoria. Here’s the listing (we’ve removed the ALL CAPS and reformatted it into something readable):

    New buildout. Main dining room with 60 seats, party room with 24 seats, outdoor patio with 40 seats. Exhibition kitchen with brick oven. Near Triboro Bridge & Astoria Park. Owner has other businesses. Rent just $5,100 per month, long term lease.

    How do we know it’s Da Franco without the name being on the ad? We saw the name on one of the photos, plus we’ve eaten there before! It was tasty food, though we haven’t been back for a while. Those tables and walls are also memorable.

    Brick Oven Restaurant – $295000 (Astoria) [Craigslist]

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