A classic movie, CPR, and art in Forest Hills, Astoria, and Jamaica


    Start off the week with a celebratory movie screening in Forest Hills, a free CPR class in Astoria, and an art exhibition in Jamaica.

    Image source: Cinematreasures.org

    Celebrate the Legendary Midway Theater’s 70th Anniversary Regal Entertainment – The Midway Theater in Forest Hills is celebrating its 70th anniversary with a screening of the Alfred Hitchock classic film, Rear Window. To accompany your viewing, there will be free snacks and a raffle. Space is limited, so call 917-558-3802 to reserve a seat. The event is free, though there is a suggested donation of $10 to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. 

    Image source: Penn State University

    CPR for Everyone – The New York Fire Department is holding a free CPR training class, presented by EMTs David Weissman and Michael Koenke. Join them at the Church of the Redeemer in Astoria, where you’ll learn to spot the first signs of a cardiac emergency, as well as get some first-hand CPR training.


    Image source: JCAL

    Making Humps and Bumps – Wednesday is the last day of this exhibition at the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (JCAL). It documents the making of Humps and Bumps, the wood-and-rubber, 44inch x 96inch x 120inch sculpture at Archer Avenue and 158th Street in Jamaica (GMAP) from BroLabs. BroLabs is a critically acclaimed collective of five artists formerly featured at the Bronx Museum of Fine Arts. This is the last day of the exhibition, so come and see how it was made; afterwards, sit or play on the sculpture itself, located only an avenue away from JCAL.

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