Art on the street: public murals in Welling Court


    The Ad Hoc public mural project in the Welling Court neighborhood, an immigrant community in western Astoria, showcases murals by international and local artists with the goal of cleaning up ugly graffiti and decorating the neighborhood with colorful street art. Ad Hoc Art, a Brooklyn-based design house, started as an art gallery and community space in 2006 and has since become a hub of social change through art.

    According to a recent post by Ad Hoc, Willing Court has 90 spots with paintings by over 70 artists. In June, mural painting turned into a neighborhood event with bike races, BBQ, and a dance party.


    Welling Court RRobots

    welling court Cekis

    For more great photos, see coverage by Vandalog and Brooklyn Street Art’s Images of the Week in June.

    To get to the Welling Court murals, take the N/W train to 30th Avenue, and then, it’s either a short walk along the avenue to 12th Street, or a bus ride on Q18 to 12th Street. The murals are at 11-98 Welling Court. (GMAP)


    All images: Jaime Rojo, Brooklyn Street Art

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