Unusual Windsor Terrace Car Break-Ins Have Neighbors Talking


    You’ve heard of wife swap, but have you heard of car-contents swap?

    Windsor Terrace residents have been discussing car break-ins that took place October 14 and earlier in September in the quiet residential neighborhood on private social network Nextdoor, a Brownstoner reader let us know.

    Even more bizarre than the random tick of crime is that whoever’s doing it apparently enjoys switching the contents of the cars they break into.

    My downstairs neighbor and I noticed that our cars had been broken into this morning when we went to move our cars for alt side parking. Just change was stolen and the contents of the gloveboxes were scattered across the seats. For some reason the thief took my husband’s sunglasses and put them in my neighbors car (that was lucky, I guess!)

    Another neighbor was walking their dog and heard others complaining of the same this morning.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    Our two cars were on 17th between 10th and 11th. The neighbor that overheard complaints heard them on 18th.

    It’s a really weird break-in! They left my neighbor’s GPS but took his change.

    [Photo: Twanda Baker]

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