It’s Tough to Live Large in Williamsburg


    The Journal has a story today about how there aren’t enough family-size apartments to go around in Williamsburg, in part because developers didn’t anticipate the neighborhood becoming a destination for families during the building boom. Edge developer Jeffrey Levine, for example, says that “years turned hipsters into parents” since he started developing in the neighborhood. While only 5 percent of the Edge’s units are three-bedrooms, Levine intends to make 10 percent of the units in his project on the Northside Piers 3 site three-beds. The article also has quotes from some would-be buyers with babies who live in the neighborhood about how it’s very difficult to find spaces that are big enough for their families: One woman who has been looking to upgrade from a two-bedroom for three years says her hunt has been fruitless because the few three-bedrooms that do exist “tend to go quickly.” Here’s a stat to back up the anecdotal evidence: According to the brokerage MNS, only 13 percent of for-sale apartments in Williamsburg are 1,500 square feet or larger, while on the Upper West Side, “two-thirds of the inventory is larger than 1,500 square feet.”
    Brooklyn Feels a Pinch [WSJ]
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