Gravestones Fall Victim to Snow Clean-Up


    The Sanitation Department’s taken a lot of heat over the past couple of weeks for its performance—or lack thereof—in the clean-up the December 27 blizzard. This latest news takes the prize though: According to the blog Sheepshead Bites, NYDS workers piled so much snow on a fence of the Washington Cemetery along Bay Parkway recently that the fenced buckled, causing roughly 30 gravestones to be toppled. [Sanitation workers] were continually dumping snow there for several days, said Washington Cemetery employee Mike Ciamaga, who added that cemetery officials first noticed the broken gravestones on Sunday morning. As of this morning they were still dumping there. The accidental destruction comes less than a month after a couple of hundred headstones at the historically Jewish cemetery were destroyed in an apparent act of vandalism.

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