Re-imagining a Neglected Stretch of Parkside Avenue


    Last year a group of Prospect Lefferts Gardens neighbors banded together to launch a contest inviting people to come up with new ideas for Parkside Avenue between Flatbush and Ocean. The busy intersection has a rundown subway entrance and plaza in front of the park, as well as a storefronts and buildings that have seen better days. The grand prize of $1,000 went to In Cho, of the Brooklyn architecture studio ChoShields. Here’s the citation about Cho’s design, which is shown above: “By providing a green space in front of the Parkside Avenue subway entrance…the design encourages both social interactions, and an appreciation of nature. Increased greenery, combined with even minimal updates to storefront awnings and signage and subway renovation, will all strengthen community identity.” Two other entries tied for first place; click through to see them. There will be an exhibition and awards ceremony for the winners this Sunday, March 4th, from 4 to 6 p.m. Details here.
    The Winners [The Parkside Prize]
    The two entries that tied for first place:

    The design by Sean Boyd “envisions a ‘Parkside Oasis’, which features magnificent waterfall archways with planted roofs as a landmark for Prospect Park entrance, a steel arched trellis promenade with hanging vegetation along Parkside, re-imagined storefronts, a dedicated bike path and reduced traffic lanes,” according to the citation.

    This design by Dionisia Montanez and Erica Baptiste “creates a friendly atmosphere where families, employees and passersby can gather to have lunch, read a book or just relax. Travelers coming to or from the subway have an area to stop and rest before they move onto their next destination,” according to the judges.

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