Nearly 4 Years Later, Slope YMCA Pool Still Incomplete


    In the fall of 2007, the Prospect Park YMCA broke ground on the future home of its aquatic center, but these days the site is little more than a hole in the ground. The center’s new pool, which will be double the size of its current one, was reportedly going to be finished in 12-14 months, but now a spokeswoman for the Y says the organization expects the work to be completed by the third quarter of next year. What’s caused the holdup? The official line is that “site conditions were more complex once excavation was completed necessitating additional work,” but the Y’s brass wouldn’t elaborate beyond that. The multi-million dollar project is being constructed behind the Y’s main building, on a former parking lot fronting 8th Street between 5th and 6th avenues. At present there’s a partial stop work order on the site as well as three open violations. GMAP

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