Doings at the Dilapidated 7th Ave & 2nd St Building?


    Last time we checked in on 187 7th Avenue, the Park Slope building on the corner of 2nd Street that’s been in decline for many years, the DOB was trying to get its owner to show up for a hearing regarding some of its code violations. According to DOB records, other violations have been served since then, and it doesn’t appear that 187’s owner has done anything about them. Anyhow, a sign that’s been taped up on the side of the building caught the eye of a Brooklynian poster a few days ago. The sign cryptically advertises a number to call “for info,” which the Brooklnian poster did, but no information was forthcoming. We did the same, and the woman who answered the phone asked whether we were “interested in apartments or office space” and said the property’s “project manager” would call us back, which he did not. The woman also said that she worked for a real estate firm called “Hello.” Anyone know what gives?
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