Hipness on Horizon for Staten Island


      After last week’s rousing debate on the pros and cons of Staten Island as a viable alternative for would-be Brownstoners priced out of Brooklyn’s red-hot market, we were interested to see this weekend’s The Hunt column. The article (and accompanying slide show–not to be missed) details how a Park Slope couple looked for, and ultimately found, their dream house. (According to the article, Brownstoner.com and Forgotten-ny.com were both key tools in the couple’s search.) After passing on two houses in Ditmas Park and one in Jersey City, the artist and musician couple ultimately fell in love with a 1929 Mediterranean-style spread at 22 Fort Hill Circle in the St. George section of Staten Island. Personally, we preferred the 3 other houses they looked at first, but we can certainly see the appeal of this rambling back yard. And it’s hard to argue with the price–$655,000 for 2,500 square feet. The couple is so gung-ho on SI that they are creating a web site called Prodicalborough.com:

      Because of the real estate crunch, Staten Island is being welcomed back to the fold and being recognized as an underrated and extraordinary place to live. Everyplace else has a cool Web presence, but there is no hipster stuff for Staten Island – just Yellow Page listings.

      It’s only a matter of time before Babs Corcoran is putting out a press release desribing her latest purchase within walking distance of the ferry, we’re sure.
      Looking for a House and a Turret [NY Times]

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