Winners of Park Slope Funding Contest Announced


    Today Councilmember Brad Lander’s office sent out a release saying that the votes from this weekend have been tallied, and that seven projects garnered the most votes to receive the $1 million earmarked for them in the FY 2013 budget via participatory budgeting. There were 20 projects on the ballot. Without further ado:

    1. Bathroom Renovation for the Children of PS 124 – $150,000 (Renovate two dysfunctional bathrooms that serve over 136 of the youngest students daily in a high-needs elementary school. 958 votes)

    2. Brooklyn Neighbors Composting – $165,000 (Pest-free, smell-free compost system near Gowanus Canal uses 1 ton/day of kitchen food scraps collected at local greenmarkets and schools to create rich soil for our gardens, parks, and trees. 919 votes)

    3. District 39 Tree Planting – $100,000 (Plant 100 new trees and install tree guards on blocks with few or no trees Parks Department will contribute an additional $85,000 to this effort for tree planting. 767 votes)

    4. Technology: A Better Future for PS 154 / PS 130 Students – $140,000 (Installation of 15 Smartboards (PS 130), 45 13″ Macbook computers with 2 carts and 2 wireless printers (PS 154 grades 1, 3, & 4). 758 votes)

    5. Prospect Park Pedestrian Pathway Rehabilitation – $205,000 (Repair Prospect Park pedestrian paths near Park Circle and Long Meadow to prevent flooding, add 10 trash cans in park. 648 votes)

    6. Pedestrian Hazards at the Prospect Expressway – $200,000 (Repairs & additions to badly damaged and dangerous 9 lane Prospect Expressway pedestrian crossing at Church Avenue, area and landscape. 606 votes)

    7. Kensington Library Resources and Community Space – $80,000 (New books/DVDs for library, equipment for meetings, storytelling, rehearsals, and small performances promoting Kensington’s cultural diversity. 582 votes)

    The release also notes the following: “Lander also committed to push forward on several other projects on the ballot that did not receive enough votes to qualify for a share of the $1 million, but around which community residents have coalesced: Getting ‘bus countdown clocks’ at bus shelters; Working with Kensington’s Bangladeshi community to create an “International Mother Language” monument as part of the renovation of Dome Playground; Address flooding and other improvements at the Ft. Hamilton F/G subway station.; Getting DOT to repave 50th Street between Ft. Hamilton Parkway & 13th Avenue; and Facilitating more community access, WiFi, and amenities at the Carroll Gardens library.” How cool would bus countdown clocks be?
    Vote for Participatory Budgeting Projects [Brownstoner]
    Photo of PS 124 from PropertyShark

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