Two Carlton Mews Townhouses Bricked Up


    Two of the five new townhouses being built on a landmarked block of Fort Greene (known collectively with the adjoining church on Adelphi Street as Carlton Mews) have finished brick facades and all their windows in place. And you know what? They look pretty darn good. The developer picked the right kind of brick (doesn’t sound hard but most developers manage to screw that up) and the scale and proportions of all the major elements look right (though there’s no cornice yet). The only tiny nit we have to pick is that he went with window lintels that have a protruding upper half. And while there is one building across the street with something similar, the rest of the brick houses on this side of the street all have flush rectangular ones. Anyway, if this is the kind of stuff we’re discussing, it’s safe to say the overall job looks great.
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