Market Snapshot: Fort Greene


    PropertyShark has hooked us up with lots of stats about how the real estate market has performed in Fort Greene since the beginning of 2005. The bigger picture shows a healthy market in the neighborhood for both apartment and house sales following a predictable drop in volume in early 2009.

    Condos and co-ops: The median sales price for all apartments in Fort Greene since 2005 is $585,000, and there were 742 condo or co-op sales during that period.

    Houses: The median sales price for all one- to three-family houses since 2005 is $1,199,000. Price-wise, the market peak happened in the second and third quarters of 2008, when the median price topped $1.9 million. There are usually between five and 10 closings each quarter, and a total of 194 houses have sold since the beginning of 2005.

    Biggest sale ever: The most expensive house to ever sell in Fort Greene is 275 Adelphi Street, which sold for $3,055,500 in mid-2008.

    Cheapest prop on the market: A one-bedroom co-op at 105 Ashland Place listed for $199,000.
    Click through for more charts showing price trends since ’05….

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