Brooklyn Slumlord Jailed


    A Brooklyn landlord has actually been jailed — for criminal contempt related to failing to maintain his buildings. He was also fined $382,000, The New York Daily News reported. What is so striking about this case is that, according to the Daily News, landlord Kris Gounden didn’t merely fail to fix problems — he actually tried to prevent the city from repairing and fueling the boiler in his building at 864 Elton Street in East New York. He padlocked the basement door and parked his car over the oil cap so the tank couldn’t be filled.

    Garbage was also piled up in the driveway and, best of all, sparks shot out of a light switch with exposed wires. Tenants went without heat or hot water “for weeks at a time,” said the story.

    Brooklyn Slumlord, Who Blocks Boiler From Being Repaired, Slapped With Jail [NY Daily News]
    Photo by Kate Leonova for PropertyShark

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