Dyker Heights’ Asian-American Influx


    Bloomberg has a story about how the latest census numbers shows that a census tract in Dyker Heights saw one of the city’s biggest increases in ethic diversity over the past decade, contributing to New York’s standing as the most ethically diverse city in the country. The trend citywide—which was particularly pronounced in some areas, like the Dyker Heights census tract profiled in the story—involves a marked (31.8 percent percent) increase in the number of Asian residents in 2010 as compared to a decade ago. The article cites one broker who specializes in the Dyker Heights, long an Italian-American stronghold, who says that Asians have accounted for about half the home sales in the neighborhood since 2007. Another broker, meanwhile, says the majority of Asians who have moved to the neighborhood are professionals and not first-generation immigrants, and that they’re attracted to the area’s schools and housing stock.
    Brooklyn Enclave Helps NY Top LA as U.S. Diversity Capital [Bloomberg]

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