Duffield Cheerleader May Lose House Cuz Of Mom


    When it rains Duffield Street news, it pours…and this is stuff you can’t make up. According to a Brooklyn Eagle article at the end of last week, 227 Duffield Street, home to one of the most advocates of Underground Railroad crusade, Joy Chatel, has been put on the market by for $4.5 million. How did we get here? Well, in 2004, Chatel signed the deed over to her mother, Arnelda Monroe, who in turn sold a 50 percent interest in the building to investor Errol Bartholomew in 2005 to avoid foreclosure. Chatel told the Eagle that her lawyer, Angelyn Johnson, listed the property three weeks ago without her knowledge. The mother wants it sold, said Johnson. At this point they’ll do anything because they’re kind of in a pickle. Foreclosure perhaps? To cap it all off, Johnson was charged with fraud in February by the Queens DA and is under investigation for other frauds. Nice. BTW, click on the GMAP icon and check out the new Street View feature that lets you do a 360-degree pan of the street. In this case, it’s a great way to get a feel for layout on Duffield Street (which Google calls Oratory Place).
    Alleged Underground RR Home On Market for $4.5 Million [Brooklyn Eagle] GMAP

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