Grand Theft Neon on Eastern Parkway


    Sometime over the past week, the lovely neon signage on the southeast corner of Eastern Parkway and Franklin Avenue advertising Maiman’s Pharmacy was removed. The sign was memorialized on Project Neon, who had this to say about it, in part: “The sign is a bit dim and missing some letters (no, they don’t sell HAM, thought they probably have vitamin C), but I love the giant Rx in the middle and the pink script of Maiman’s plays nicely against the upright but still curvy capitals of DRUGS and, well, what should say PHARMACY.” I Love Franklin Avenue also wrote about it a few years ago: “Maiman’s Pharmacy is one of my favorite Franklin Avenue throwbacks, with its original neon signs glowing proudly on the corner of Eastern Parkway. The shop opened the mid-1950s, and was family-owned for 50 years before being sold to the current owners.” It appears the pharmacy has been completely shut down. We certainly hope the signs found a new, loving home. GMAP

    Photo with neon intact from PropertyShark

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