New Townhouses on Greene Getting Brassy


    Developer and author (of The Real Estate Millionaire) Boaz Gilad is in the process of building three contiguous new three-family houses at 260, 262 and 264 Greene Avenue at the eastern edge of Clinton Hill. After getting sign-off from DOB at the beginning of this year, construction has moved swiftly but didn’t really catch our eye until we drove past this weekend and noticed the shiny detailing on the facade. (This must be a very 2013 design touch, since the Nine Townhouses in Boerum Hill are lousy with the stuff. Check out the photo on the jump for an eyeful.) Let’s hope this project goes more smoothly for Gilad, whose 659 Bergen Street development was bogged down in C of O delays but will, we hear, start closings soon. GMAP


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