Ridgewood Asserting Its Independence from Bushwick?


    Back in 2010, Bushwick and its neighbor-over-the-Queens-border Ridgewood were close enough in the popular imagination to spark some creative neighborhood naming wordplay: The term “Bushwood” even slipped into local parlance, an expression of the close ties between the two hipster havens. (Where was Hakeem Jeffries when we needed him?) Now that Bushwick can no longer be considered an emerging neighborhood or art scene, though, Ridgewood may be looking to spread its wings. That’s the gist of this post on the art blog Hyperallergic. Witness the text of a recent invitation from the Queens Museum of Art to the inaugural Ridgewood Art Crawl: “You know that part of town you thought was Bushwick…well, actually, it’s Ridgewood. Help us set the record straight by celebrating Queens’ newest art community with a little bit of history, a lot art, and the perfect amount of drink.”

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