‘The Bushwick Diaries’ Documents an “Ordinary Neighborhood Full of Extraordinary People”


    Brooklyn moves too fast to possibly be documented in its entirety, but one resident is taking a stab at recording a little bit of its history through the oral accounts of locals.

    The Bushwick Diaries is directed and produced by Kweighbaye Kotee, a nine-year Bushwick resident and founder of the Bushwick Film Festival.

    Kotee is seeking funding to help with the post-production costs of her documentary about Bushwick, as told by its populace.

    A promotional video on her Kickstarter shows clips of interviews, portraits of area residents who speak to the changes the neighborhood is experiencing.

    Bushwick is fleeting, Bushwick is in a pivotal moment, Bushwick has many layers, Bushwick is worried about displacement.

    Contributors to Kotee’s Kickstarter will receive a host of gifts ranging from a Bushwick Diaries swag bag to a special edition snapback hat depending on donation.

    Bushwick Diaries Kickstarter

    [Photo: The Bushwick Diaries]

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