Pushing the Envelope: The Creeping Bed Stuy Border


      Our post on the new building going up on Classon and Fulton ignited some debate about where Clinton Hill ends and Bed Stuy begins. We always think of the border being Classon, if for no other reason than that is where the most discernible break is aesthetically. We’re in good company: Both Kenneth Jackson’s “The Neighborhoods of Brooklyn” and Ellen Freudeneim’s “Brooklyn!” draw the line at Classon as well. It’s certainly no surprise that those marketing properties would stretch the boundaries to Franklin or Bedford but Nostrand? At some point it gets silly. Granted Bed Stuy is too large an area to be placed under one rubrick, but constantly pushing the definitional boundaries of Clinton Hill ain’t gonna solve that.
      New Build on Classon [Brownstoner]

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