Photo Pool Challenge: Little Things


    We’ve been renovating for three years now, and we’re completely sick of it. The original plan was modest in scope: Five weeks for some minor structural and mechanical upgrades, skimcoating, refinish the floors. Alas, we keep fixing the same things over and over again, and we still have sewer gas, something (mice? rats?) living between floors, and leaks in the basement. Nothing is finished, nothing is decorated, and there are construction materials all over the place (behind the couch is a very convenient spot to store paint and tools, in case you’re wondering). So, this sounds like a trivial thing, but a few weeks ago we happened to buy some new pillowcases at Layla in Boerum Hill, and dressed up the bed with them and some other odds and ends we had lying around. We also put up some paint and wallpaper samples, hung a curtain and moved a rug. The second floor looks better now, even though it’s nowhere near done (that’s primer on the walls and rosin paper around the mantle in the bedroom, above). At least you can see the intention starting to take shape. What about you? Any tips for keeping sane while renovating? Please post stories and photos here.


    Some wallpaper samples in the living room.


    A back hall with some trial furnishings.


    A closeup of the wallpaper we plan to use in the back hall. It’s Azul by Ana Montiel.

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