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    What we are reading this week about decorating and renovating old houses:


    The Petch House renovation is almost done! For those who are not familiar, this is a a restoration of an 1895 redwood house in Eureka, Calif., that has been going on for about a decade. We’re pretty sure ours will too. But in this case, the homeowner and blog writer has been doing all of the work himself, including the plumbing and electric. Very impressive.
    What Does It Taste Like? [The Petch House]
    Photo by Greg DeBacker


    Casacara visits Madoo, the Hamptons garden of artist Robert Dash, which covers two acres in Sagaponack. So many ideas here are adaptable to the typical 20-by-40-foot Brooklyn plot, from the combination rill-walkway-allee to the simple yet unusual pathway above constructed out of three contrasting materials.
    I Do Madoo [Casacara]
    Photo by Cara Greenberg


    We’ve always had a thing for pom-poms. Here, Martha Stewart Living explains how to make them. The photo essay also shows five ideas for how to use them around the house — such as to trim a lamp.
    Pom-Pom Home Decor [MSL]

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