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    What we are reading this week about decorating and renovating old houses:

    An ongoing thread at My Old House Online is discussing cool artifacts unearthed during renovations. Above, an old photo and other objects found in the attic of an 1885 Italianate house. Other cool finds include concealment shoes, old wallpaper, coins, animal bones, inscriptions of builders and former occupants, and 1890s board games.
    Share Your Hidden Treasures [My Old House Online]
    Photo by SMaclaskey


    A post at Magpie has photos of the most amazing New Orleans 1830s Creole house belonging to artist Mary Cooper. Click through to the post for tons of great photos. Notice the ultra-plain furnishings and the unusual use of color. Should be lots of ideas here for dressing up a house with paint. (The house is now on the market.)
    House Romantics: Mary Cooper [Magpie]
    Photos by Sara Essex Bradley



    This doesn’t look like an old house — in fact, it’s probably a Southern California tract house — but we’re impressed by how the writer of Design Crisis creates an original mood with inexpensive thrifted items and sweat equity. (For example, she smartens up plain white Ikea curtains with ribbon trim.) Plenty of ideas here that would work in any house, old or new. Scroll down to the Aug. 1 post, which shows decorating progress on three rooms.
    Finished Project Sneak Peeks! [Design Crisis]
    Photo by Design Crisis

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