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    What we are reading this week about decorating and renovating old houses:

    Gaswizard’s photostream on Flickr is a treasure trove of old photos and documents depicting Victorian-era gas lighting and just old photos in general. It’s a great resource for anyone who wants to know what interiors of the time really looked like. Above, an 1890s gas light with vaseline glass shades.
    Gaswizard’s Photostream [Flickr]
    Photo by gaswizard


    Refinery29 interviewed Craigslist picker and blogger Ellen Richardson for her tips on finding great furniture for cheap. Her greatest assets? Patience and thoroughness. She combs through everything. Here, some navy-blue vinyl and rosewood chairs featured on her blog, Listed District.
    Never Found a Craigslist Treasure? [Refinery29]
    Photo via Listed District

    We’ve long been fans of Preservation North Carolina. The organization, founded in 1939, acquires and promotes endangered historic properties, and finds new owners to take care of them. We enjoy looking through its photographs and listings of old houses for sale, which usually show lots of interior photos. And the prices! Some are in the low five figures. Above, the Arnold House in Roper, N.C., on the market for $74,000.
    Preservation North Carolina Home Page [PNC]
    Photo via Preservation North Carolina

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