Lotsa Old Stuff on Ninth Street


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Build It Green opened its first Brooklyn location last year (the original is in Astoria) but for whatever reason we had not had a chance to visit the salvage store yet. So, Saturday morning, with a rare weekend to ourselves, we headed down to 9th Street in Gowanus, between 2nd Avenue and the canal to check it out. There was lots of old stuff (doors, windows, sinks, tubs) as well as a bunch of complete kitchen cabinet sets. Very cool. Unfortunately, the salvage yard in the Lowe’s park lot that we reported on three years ago wasn’t open for some reason, but we took a couple of photos through the fence. Lastly, we popped into another nice store called Find, which is located right next door to Build It Green. Based upon the prices alone, it’s fair to say that this is definitely more of an antiques shop than salvage place, but lots of nice couches, lights, tables, etc. nevertheless.

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