Creative Director and Famous Aussie Artist Make a Home in Stuy Heights


The renovated home of expats Megan Mair and Jeremyville is a chic and spare mashup of classic brownstone and eclectic modernism.

When they bought it, the pair’s five-floor Stuyvesant Heights townhouse had been split into three units. But soon after closing, they rolled up their sleeves and worked to restore it to a single-family.

The process came with a few pleasant surprises — the home’s original bannisters had been hidden away in the basement. And removing years of old paint revealed no fewer than five mantels — some marble and some wood with tile.

The couple furnished their home with a mix of modern furniture and antiques. The overall impression is surprisingly minimal and grownup given the famously cartoony and visually exuberant style of Jeremyville’s artworks. White and pale gray are the most prevalent colors in the main rooms of the space.

But the house remains an evolving work in progress.

“It’s still ongoing, the next phase is tweaking the lighting and installing more of our art collection,” Jeremy told The Design Files. “It’s really all the pleasurable changes, I don’t think we have the head space or time for a major renovation.”

Jeremyville Stuy Heights Brownstone

Creative director Megan Mair and artist Jeremyville in their living room.

Jeremyville Stuy Heights Brownstone

Light gray walls bring out the warm tone of the floor. The chevron-patterned carpet adds graphic interest. The modern table and chairs in the dining room offset the more traditional crystal chandelier and ornate ceiling molding.

Jeremyville Stuy Heights Brownstone

The living room’s tile and wood fireplace is original.

Jeremyville Stuy Heights Brownstone

A classic Eames lounge chair beneath three of Jeremyville’s artworks in the ground floor library.

Jeremyville Stuy Heights Brownstone

The kitchen’s Lafayette stove is original to the home.

Jeremyville Stuy Heights Brownstone

[Source: Design Files | Photos: Eve Wilson]

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