Brooklyn Designers Offer Some Work From Home Inspiration (Photos)

Photo via CWB Architects


    Still trying to figure out the perfect work from home arrangement?

    With renovation shut down across the city and even those still employed preserving cash, it’s time to get creative. Solutions could be as simple as setting aside a special place for home schooling or working from home. Options include a dedicated spot at the kitchen table, moving a table and chair near a window in your bedroom, or putting up a shelf at the right height to serve as a desk wherever space permits.

    Moving to different spots throughout the day, space allowing — say, from table to couch to fire escape or stoop — can provide a respite if you’re logging hours of screen time.

    One Bed Stuy apartment dweller plans to rearrange the living room and turn a niche currently occupied by a bookcase into a dedicated desk nook. Using furniture and a roll of temporary wallpaper already on hand, she’s planning to wallpaper the niche, place a desk and chair inside, and hang a mirror with a brightly colored frame over the desk. (A stenciled design in a high-contrast paint color could also work in lieu of wallpaper.)

    While you may not be able to do a full-blown makeover, Brooklyn designers have been posting some home office projects to inspire some creative thinking.

    Chango & Co.

    Happy Monday my friends. Here’s another sweet workspace for more work-from-home inspiration. ️ Photo by

    Harry Heissman

    On this dreary Sunday - where thank God the urge to go out is less prominent - I think back to my first ‘own’ office - bright and cheery (photo by @russgera ) in 2009.... I have not been in the office (now a little larger and on a higher floor) for two weeks and to be honest the working from home has not been going too well... now contemplating a toilet paper collection 😉

    Willis Design Associates

    A client’s home office and guest room for some work from home inspiration. Take time to style your shelves to give your room life! A bold color can help with creativity and energy. . . . . . #tbt #picoftheday #blue #blueroom #homeoffice #workfromhome #guestroom #sodomino #brownstone #brownstonebrooklyn #brownstoner #interiordesign #interiors #interiordesigner #interior #styled #decorate #brooklyn #brooklyndesigner #thursday #color

    CWB Architects

    Glenn Gissler

    Home schooling! . Home offices are not just for parents. We designed this to be a shared workspace for a mother and daughter - this home office is a great place for keeping young kids learning and working on projects. . The striped flooring is a custom ‘rug’ made from Marmoleum from @forboflooringsystems that makes cleaning up after messy art projects a breeze, while adding a lovely floor covering made by the talented folks at @aronsonsfloorcovering in NYC. . The children’s furniture arrived all blond wood but we had it painted with durable glossy oil paint for a bolder and playful appearance. . The ‘adult’ work surface for this arts writer is galvanized steel. A continuous purple pin-up space, and the display ledge above are used to display children’s art along with modest-scaled works by emerging and established contemporary including Frank Moore, Richard Tuttle, Kate Shepard and others. . #homeschooling #homeoffice #homeofficedecor #homeofficeideas #galvanizedsteel #marmoleum #aronsonsflooring #purple #childrensfurnitire #livingwithart #frankmoore #richardtuttle #kateshepard #forboflooringsystems

    General Assembly

    In light of the fact that many of us will be working from home for some time, we will be highlighting some of our home offices from the #GAarchive this week. Seen here is the office in our Water Mill project, featuring panels in @farrowandball Studio Green, the Slab desk light (designed by GA), a vessel by @chenandkai and a rug by @armadilloandco Photo by @joefletcherphoto

    Baxt Ingui Architects

    Wishing everyone a quiet space at home for productivity. Even if it's a kitchen table, that counts! Photos: @macchiaphoto and Peter Peirce Inc.

    JMorris Design

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