Having Some Fun in the Kitchen with PANYL


When we built our small kitchen on the second floor as part of our 2004 renovation, the idea was that this would be a short-term solution and that at some point in the next five years we’d move the kitchen down to the parlor floor and do it right. So while we bought some nice appliances, we went with Ikea cabinets to conserve funds. So here we are eight years later, surprise, surprise, still using our small kitchen (above). We’re still hoping to be able to afford to do the parlor floor kitchen at some point in the next couple of years, but in the mean time we’ve decided to have some fun.

There’s a cool new company called PANYL, which has developed a proprietary approach to customizing Ikea cabinets (actually Ikea furniture of all kinds), using a flexible self-adhesive vinyl film. Through mutual friends, the two founders, one a Park Slope resident and the other the designer behind Brooklyn Bowl, approached us about being guinea pigs. Since we’re not emotionally or financially attached to the existing cabinetry and they offered to do it for free, we said, Why the heck not–Let’s have some fun! Plus, if we decide we’ve gone overboard in a couple of months, we can always remove it with a hair dryer. And even if we were paying for it, all the materials would have cost us less than $700. On the jump are a schematic and rendering of the plan. Tune in next week to see the finished product.

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