Greenlight Bookstore Renovation Blog: Week 11


    This is the eleventh installment of a weekly blog hosted at Brownstoner chronicling the design and construction of the Greenlight Bookstore at 686 Fulton Street in Fort Greene. Written by project architect Frederick Tang of deFT Projects. See the first ten posts here.

    For the past couple weeks, we’ve been saying “we’re in the home stretch!” but the completion of the project always seemed elusively one more week away. This time, though, it’s really true. Floor protection has been removed. Books are going up on the shelves. Computers are installed in their final locations. And most exciting of all, our launch party is scheduled for next Saturday, October 24!

    gl1_161009.jpgThe storefront millwork was installed and stained. While it looks simple and straightforward, a lot of effort went into coordinating this element since it combines a) display area in the front windows, b) radiator enclosures and covers, c) a single low bookshelf, and d) a bench on the store side.

    The central display millwork on the airshaft was also fully installed and painted. (Currently, Jonathan Lethem’s new “Chronic City” is featured on the front shelf in preparation for a reading he’ll be doing.) Each bay of this millwork has a routed out panel at the base to allow the heat provided by the radiators to escape. A rear desk was also incorporated to provide a counter-height work station for the staff to do inventory or look-ups. The front cash wrap is assembled and located. The wood has been stained and the upper transaction counter is awaiting the pieces of reclaimed tin ceiling that will go under glass.


    Finally the sections have been marked out and books are being inventoried, sorted, and shelved. The children’s section is looking especially filled in.

    Please come by next Saturday for the launch party!


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