Dumpster Project Installation Now on Show in Cobble Hill


The Dumpster Project, a collage/art installation by Mac Premo that was featured at The Dumbo Arts Festival in the fall, now has an installation parked in a lot on Bergen between Court and Smith through early May. This was the description for the Dumpster Project at the arts fest was as follows: “The Dumpster Project is a work of transportable public art. …Fundamentally, though, The Dumpster Project is a physical taxonomy of one man’s existence. A visitor to the installation will walk into a modern-day “cabinet of curiosities”, where objects of nostalgia (i.e. a Yankees cap Mac wore through most of the 1990s) have a place beside items culled from international travels (i.e. the curiously named ‘Long Life’ brand of cigarettes from Hong Kong). Each object will be numbered, and a mobile application will enable the viewer to use his or her smart phone to access a eulogy Mac has written for each item, as well as a studio photograph of the object set cleanly against a white background.” All photos are by Cara Greenberg, who writes writes Brownstoner’s weekly Insider column, and more are on the jump, including some close-ups on featured items!

All photos by Cara Greenberg, who blogs at casaCARA: Old Houses for Fun & Profit and writes Brownstoner’s weekly Insider column.

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