Bed Stuy Reno: Completed Bathrooms


    Designing the bathrooms in a narrow house was a challenge. One option was to forgo having an office to accommodate a massive long master bathroom. I’ve never been the type of person that needed a huge home or bathroom — and I always wondered who were those people on HGTV that insisted on having double vanities. So the smaller but fully functional master bath won out.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. The en suite master bath is in no way tiny. It does have a tub and standing shower but there isn’t much room in there except for the necessities and I’m fine with that. The master floor tiles came from a company in California. I searched high and low for inexpensive patterned concrete tiles and there isn’t such a thing.

    And the electrician put the bathroom sconce too low. To remedy that problem, I need to a find a horizontal medicine cabinet.

    To save on costs, the new guest bathroom is actually an existing bathroom off the hall in the old house configuration. Crazy how much money you can save by not moving plumbing. The downside is that things are really tight but cozy. The Moroccan-inspired floor tiles in the guest bathroom, pictured above, were also pricey but luckily I didn’t need a lot. And at the store where I purchased them, if your designer or architect places the order then you get a 10 to 15 percent discount, depending on the style. The wall tiles are from

    I’m debating adding a shower enclosure to the claw foot tub. Reviews from my few overnight guests have been mixed. My mom loved not having an enclosure, as did my friends who stayed over with their kids. But another set of friends said the current setup was awkward. But I must say, I love not sharing a bathroom with guests.

    And finally, the half bath is on the parlor floor. Nothing special here, just some turquoise paint, an old gold mirror and some relatively inexpensive floor tile. My one regret on this bathroom is that I didn’t just splurge again and select marble for the floor tile.

    The toilets in all the bathrooms are dual flush. Better for the environment and only slightly more expensive than a traditional flush toilet.

    Click through to see photos of the other bathrooms.

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    Above and below, the en suite master bath, which has a walk-in shower and a standalone tub.



    Below, the powder room on the parlor floor.


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