Bed Stuy Reno: Full Steam Ahead on the Owner’s Unit


    After six months of legal wrangling, eviction notices, numerous stays on those notices and calls, the tenant I inherited finally moved a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, she was living in the owner’s unit (I have been living in one of the rentals). Since then it has been non-stop work at the house. The day after the tenant vacated my contractor started the demo work, above, and the following week he was onto framing.

    Now, I’m not one to complain about a contractor working fast but I want to make sure that the quality of the work holds and that we have time to plan things out. The latter issue is one I created: For example, I did absolutely nothing about selecting lighting until the electrician showed up on Saturday morning asking for the lighting plan. Umm, I want a ceiling fan here and a chandelier here…oh wait on second thought. Yes, now I know why contractors get frustrated with their clients.

    The house had a “renovation” around seven years ago — or rather the house was slaughtered seven years ago.  Supporting beams were cut and, if you remember my gas problems, the gas lines got all screwed up as well. On top of that every last historical detail of the house was removed with the exception of the fireplaces. YAY for fireplaces! I’ll have those restored and think they will look amazing with the modern renovation. And if you don’t like recessed lighting  or modern renovations, this might be a good time to stop reading my updates.

    Framing begins, above.

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