5th Ave Reno: Too Much Glass, You Think?


Hubby and I are now in the last stages of the design development phase with our architects Len and Quncie. As many of you know this phase is all about the dreams, the wish list, and the delusions of grandeur: bigger, brighter, better!

But after the delusions wear off, you begin to realize that perhaps, just maybe, you dreamed a bit too big! The existing space is 1,300 square feet. We need more space so we decided to build up, way up.  The 22-foot glass wall is beautiful, but I am starting to believe that the glass may overwhelm the existing space. “Maybe if we removed the glass railing you won’t feel as if there is glass everywhere,” Hubby suggests.

So Quncie shows us different perspectives of a partial glass railing, a partial metal railing, a full sheetrock railing and a railing that includes, glass, metal and sheetrock.


We will let you know what we decide.

Also, the constructions plans are done and we are ready to bid the job. We have done our research and have narrowed our selection to four potential contractors. I’m so ready and extremely excited to begin this reno journey. 

Next week we meet the contractors! Please stay tuned…

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