5th Ave Reno: Meet the Contractors, See the Demo


    We have finally finalized all design plans; our architect Quncie Williams, from Leonard Colchamiro Architects, has drawn constructions documents and we are ready to bid our job and choose our contractors. When choosing a contractor, professionals say go with the middle bid; the bid that’s not too high and not too low. But I also believe you must also go with your gut. Choose a contractor who makes you feel the most comfortable and with whom you feel you can partner on this construction journey, because it is a journey of money, time and patience.

    We meet with several contractors who have built roof extensions and who completely understand our design aesthetic. They are all wonderful and contributed great ideas to our design. But we can only choose one contractor and that contractor is… DAF Contracting! John, our general contractor from DAF, assures us our job can be done safely, within budget and, as weather permits, within time. John is a gentle giant who thrives from the happiness of his clients and he is just as excited as we are to work on this project. Hubby and I choose DAF Contracting knowing that they will be a big part of our lives for the next few months and hope only for the best. We review the plans once again, we sign DAF’s BID contract and they sign our architectural contract, and within a week we are ready for the demolition phase.

    You may see piles of junk, but I see progress! The partial wall dividing the kitchen and dining area is now gone.

    The demo phase is so fascinating since it gives you a view of your home you would never have see before. We learned that we have over two feet of ceiling height that was covered by sheetrock. Because our roof is incredibly slanted, we must maintain the nine-foot ceiling height. But John promises me that if we can get more height we will.

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