5th Ave Reno: Kitchen Framed and Wall Up


Kitchen pantry is framed and covered in sheetrock.

My family and I are renovating our apartment and adding an addition to the roof. We need more space and prefer construction over buying another property. Our awesome architect Quncie at Leonard Colchamiro Architects has guided us through the design and development as well as the construction plans. DAF Contracting is our highly recommended contractor who has finished demoing our apartment within a week. Now they have started building walls and framing. They manage the construction team quickly and efficiently. Jill, DAF’s office manager, answers or delivers any questions I may have. Jill is awesome!

Above and below, you can see the kitchen coming together. Above, the walls have been framed and the pantry, left, has been covered in sheetrock. Below, the ceiling and another wall are covered in sheetrock. Meanwhile, up on the roof, the walls are going up for our addition, below.

As the demo is complete and while the framing happens below, the walls go up above!



What's Happening