Undergound RR: Consultants Caught In Another Lie


The latest in a series of holes-you-could-drive-a-truck-through in the credibility of the ESDC-sponsored report that made the case against preserving the row of houses on Duffield Street with credible links to the Underground Railroad in Brooklyn? The consultants hacks who wrote the report, AKRF, claimed that the New York State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) had ruled that the houses were not eligible for the National Register of Historic Places when in fact the Office had never been asked to make determination. According to a press release from City Council Member Letitia James, the only contact AKRF ever had with SHPO was an information request about whether the state agency had anything existing in their files about the Duffield Street houses; the consultants misrepresented a negative response to this question as an explicit rejection of the houses’ eligibility. As a result of the purposefully misleading actions, James has called for a halt to any proceedings relating to the seizure of the properties through eminent domain. In the meantime, as we understand it, anyone wanting to put a statement on record with HPD has until May 30.
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