See Iconic 1880s Domino Sugar Factory in Eternal Time Lapse Photos


5.22.15 (8:00PM) Enjoy your weekend

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We’ve been following the Instagram account of Dominosugarfactory, an “eternal time lapse” of the iconic Williamsburg building, now part of the massive Two Trees redevelopment project. Later additions to the 1880s factory, technically three buildings located at 292-314 Kent Avenue, have been stripped away, and it will become office space.

So far, there are 196 photos here, some taken by day, some by night — all from the exact same location. The photos go back to January 2013 and show the complex as it looked before demolition started in October 2013, through demolition, and today.

Domino Sugar Factory Eternal Time Lapse [Dominosugarfactory]
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First rendering by SHoP; second rendering by Beyer Blinder Belle

4.1.15 (7:03AM)

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Below, two renderings of the planned development for the Domino site. A Landmarks-approved four-story glass addition will rise on top of the landmarked 1880s factory building.




domino factory redesign rendering

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