Past and Present: 70 Clark Street


    A Look at Brooklyn, then and now.

    I’ve passed this building thousands of times over the years, and I’ve eaten in various incarnations of the restaurant, but it wasn’t until I saw this 1948 photograph, that I ever noticed what a classic 1930’s apartment building this is.

    The corner windows, the alternating bands of brick and sandstone, the angular boxy shape itself, all quite apartment Deco. Not an award winner, but a perfectly decent building.

    Just to illustrate how bad city records are, this building is listed as being built in 1960.

    A building of this kind would be right at home in the Bronx, on or near the Grand Concourse.

    In 1948, there was a large Parker’s Drug Store in the restaurant location. It had a lunch counter or soda fountain, as did so many large drug stores at the time. From what little I could find out, it was a neighborhood institution for many years. Since it’s across the street from the Hotel St. George, it must have enjoyed the business generated by people staying at the hotel, or those wanting a milk shake or egg cream before seeing the sights.

    (70 Clark St. 1948. Wurtz Brothers. From the Collection of the Museum of the City of New York)

    (Photo: Google maps)

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