Lady of Loreto’s Most Desperate Hour


The plight of the Lady of Loreto, the landmarking-worthy-but-not-yet-landmarked church in the formerly Italian but now primarily African American and Latino neighborhood of Brownsville, went to Defcon 1 last week, as workers for the Catholic Diocese began draping the 100-year-old church in netting in preparation for demolition. (We were unable to find any record of a DOB application for demolition though.) The Diocese plans to replace the structure with 88 units of affordable housing. A group of Italian-Americans that has been waging a campaign to preserve the church has put forth an alternative plan that would create the housing while preserving the church as an arts and community center; the plan was put together in conjunction with several prominent members of the local African American community, including Jeffrey Dunston, CEO of the nonprofit Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation. “We have a real plan, which will make a real difference in this community,” Msgr. Kieran E. Harrington told The New York Times. “The other side has wishful thinking.
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Photo from the Bridge and Tunnel Club

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