Wallabout Pre-Civil War House for Sale as a Development Site for $5.2 Million


A pre-Civil War house with a remarkably well preserved exterior (a former Building of the Day) at 133 Carlton Avenue in Wallabout is being marketed as a development site for $5,200,000, along with two neighboring lots that include another small wood frame house and a convenience store. The house at 133 Carlton Avenue, once used as a church, is a wood frame Greek Revival house built in the 1840s. In his 2005 Wallabout Cultural Resource Survey, architectural historian Andrew Dolkart called this house the “most interesting house on the block.”

Next door at 135 Carlton is a two-family wood frame that was probably built at the same time, although it’s been so altered it’s impossible to tell. And the third building is a convenience store built in the mid-’50s.

All told, the three properties at 133-137 Carlton are 7,400 square feet, and a building as large as 16,000 square feet could be constructed there. Since the property includes a convenience store, a potential development could include retail as well. For many years, 133 Carlton was the Fort Greene Church of God, but recently it’s just been a house. Will you be sad to see it go?

Building of the Day: 133 Carlton Avenue [Brownstoner]

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