Crown Heights To Be Landmarked Today (Hopefully)


As we get ready to post this, the powers-that-be at the Landmarks Preservation Commission are most likely in the process of approving the creation of the Crown Heights North Historic District, the 79th such area to date. The first phase of the landmarking, which is centered around Dean Street between Bedford and Kingston Avenues, will place 472 buildings under protection from death and disfigurement. The designation is a symbol of the area’s resurgence from several decades of poverty and decay that in the end preserved its architectural heritage. Quoth The Times:

Paradoxically, the beauty of the architecture owes much to a lack of money in the 1970s and 1980s, when — as in much of Brooklyn and the city — drugs and poverty and crime drove out the movies and the so-called doctors row. No one had the cash to make bad choices. People didn’t paint the outside all kinds of funky colors and do crazy things, Ms. Brown said. They couldn’t afford to.

The designation (if it indeed happens) will be the result of tireless effort by the members of the Crown Heights North Association who have been lobbying the LPC for years to protect the neighborhood. The blocks in Phase 1 were targeted first because the size of the lots made them most vulnerable to development. Can any CH’ers tells us what blocks will be encompassed in Phase 2?
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