A Little-Known Treasure at All Saints Episcopal Church in Bayside


    All Saints Episcopal Church, 40th Avenue and 214th Street, looks strikingly different from any other building in Bayside. I used to be able to see its steeple from a window in the building on Bell Boulevard where I worked on the Bayside Times.

    Local historian Joan Brown Wettingfield:

    Built in 1892, this beautiful church is not only one of Bayside’s earliest, but contains local examples of reputed works executed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in his Queens studio located in Corona from 1893 to 1924. Over the altar (not shown on these exterior shots) is the triptych window attributed to Louis Comfort Tiffany. Though the Records of the Tiffany Studio are incomplete, church documents corroborate this claim. The window was a gift from a member of the Lawrence family.

    The Tiffany glassworks building was torn down just last year. Urban archeologists found discarded glass pieces in the rubble, which will be incorporated into a sculpture to be erected in the lobby of the new public school expected to open on 43rd Avenue and 97th Place in 2015.


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