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Any idea what could cause my 4-family common area/hall energy bill to vary so much? I’ve had anywhere from $60 to $160 from Con Ed. over the past year with no particular seasonal pattern.

The building has hall lights, gas hot water heaters, gas/steam heat and that’s about it.

The things we have in use are the same things we always have in use year round so I don’t get why it might vary so much from month to month.
So if the usage doesn’t vary, why does the cost?

Any theories?


There’s a small downed tree limb balanced on the cable/phone wires, straddling 3 backyards (the limb).

Whose responsibility is it? Verizon demurs. I’d take it down except it’s too high up to easily reach.


I’ve been waiting for Verizon FIOS for a long time in Cobble Hill. I rememer seeing the FIOS trucks back in March on Court St but was always told it’s not available yet. I checked today and finally it now says our area is now approved. Goodbye Time Warner.


The cord pictured above had been dangling down in my back garden since the tornado that ripped through Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago. It’s not detached, but some of the rubber is torn (not shown here), and it’s hanging down within reach of people and animals, and where vines could pull it down further. I think I just need someone to check and make sure it’s not damaged, and to put it back up where it belongs with the other cords of various kinds that are strung between the buildings across our various back gardens.

The problem is, I don’t know if it’s an electric cord (so that I should call Con Ed to deal with it) or a cable cord (meaning I’d have to call Time Warner Cable instead).

Can anyone help me identify what this is?


About to close on a house. The seller wants me to buy his oil. My attorney says that this is a normal expectation when buying/selling a house. My question is – what rate should be used – the current going rate or the rate from the date of the sale? The reason I ask is that the tank was filled as an “emergency repair” through HPD and the total paid is viewable online. Seems like a simple answer, but I want to be forearmed. Tanks.


Just moved into an old 80 apt coop at the south point of Prospect Park. Got electricity, but I see the bill does not have gas. We’re getting gas. Need to set up gas service billing I guess.

I read that Nat Grid delivers the gas, and then there are numerous gas suppliers(for less than Nat Grid).

What kind of tips do you all have for me?

Thank you


We need help installing a wireless system with a router and a family that has macs and pcs. Has anyone used someone who can do that in a four-story brownstone?

I know that I should be able to do this by myself. But believe me, we need help.