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    Im doing the renovation of my apartment in Park Slope and need to specify the internet connection to the electrician. Which is a fast,reliable provider in the area? And is cable better than DSL?

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    1. DSL (Verizon specifically) and Time Warner Cable were both equally horrible in Boerum Hill when I lived there. My phone used to go out every 3 or 4 months and I’d have to get a technician out to go up the pole to fix it. The DSL service was slow but it was cheaper so you get what you pay for.

      Time Warner was a lot faster, no doubt, but they had way too many people sucking bandwidth for both cable and internet in that hood that the signal was so weak we frequently had channels that wouldn’t come in a dropped internet connections. My new place I haven’t had that problem with TW but as soon as FIOS is available in my neighborhood I’m dumping Time Warner.

    2. Just for your information, we often install “dual WAN” routers, such as a NetGear FVS124G. Clients will obtain a cable and telco internet connection. These are business grade, not consumer.

      The dual WAN router can be configured in a failover mode or split traffic (some services go over one as opposed to the other link)

      Hardly necessary for everyone, but not that expensive depending on your requirements for connectivity.

      bruce at

    3. How much for him to put in both kinds of lines? If you have wiring for both, you can always switch services if you ever want to.

      My folks did this (just because they needed one hook up for cable and one for the landline phones) when they built many years ago and it’s turned out to be really helpful to have both options in many spots. Each outlet just has one cover with one of each type of hook-up. I convinced them to put these outlets more places than they originally planned and it’s made life easier as they’ve changed electronics and services over the years.

    4. big drawback with cable is you share same bandwidth with everybody in your service connection. So you will see slow response during pick hours.

      big drawback with DSL – it work well on short distances.

      So if you live in urban area where DSL run to wire center is short and cable service connection handles many users, you might be better with DSL during pick hours.

      another point is pricing. Would you pay $30/month more to get marginally faster connection?

    5. the three years I’ve been in brooklyn and moved twice DSL works fine. I use it for netflix and other streaming stuff and no complaints. What’s good about DSL compared to cable is that the speeds tend to be more consistent and reliable vs cable. And these days, you can just open a dry loop account (internet only) without opening a landline account.

    6. Cable is better and faster in Brooklyn right now. FIOS isn’t available in our neighborhood yet, so stay away from DSL.

    7. I think theoretically cable might be better, but in practical experience it was worse (at least in Boerum Hill). We frequently had difficulty with cable going out, and getting TWC to come take care of it was a nightmare. I have had DSL now for maybe 3 years and it is more reliable with no appreciable slowness in actual speeds — I watch movies via Netflix on our television and use general internet browsing.

      If you are running servers or something that is more intensive, you might want to consider something sturdier. Fios is supposed to be awesome, but you have to sacrifice your copper cable for your landline phones (meaning that you are dependent on battery backup for phone service in the event of another blackout.)

    8. Thank you for your responses. I would actually use it only for internet access. Is there one provider you prefer?

    9. cable is always better than DSL from my own experience. We have DSL in our office and it’s never faster than the cable we have at home. you can also try that new Fios. I heard it’s good from my employee. Honestly if you are not watching heavy loaded movie online the cheapest DSL would be fine for anyone

    10. Cable is bettter than DSL…way better.
      That would be Optimum I got a good no-contract rate for switching to them for both internet and phone…and they gave me a free IPod touch