Off Season Gas Use – What to Expect?


    What is the typical off season therms use for National Grid for a single family house – small family?

    I am sure it can vary a lot but our actual usage was $61 this past month. Sound about right?


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    1. We use the level billing plan so our heating gas/hot water bills are spread out over the entire year. I think it is about $110 for two family per month which leaves us with a tiny surplus in the spring. Tenant pays own cooking gas.

    2. Sounds about right. Depends on lots of things – obviously less when the heat is off for good (it was cold in April) and maybe more if you have teenagers taking long showers or do tons of laundry with hot water. Lowest bill I had in the last year was 20 therms in August (vacations & kids away) but more typically 30-70 therms/month outside heating season.

      It’s good to get on the level billing plan in November or December and start paying a set amount every month right before you’d get the huge jan-feb bills.