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Thanks to the Brownstoner forum posters for recommending Jamie Grubb. He finished painting my one-bedroom coop in a couple of days, including the ceiling, and did a great job! Professional, affordable, and very pleasant to work with. You can reach him at 917-446-5175


Looking for a painter for a small project. I checked the forum and saw a bunch of single recommendations, but few repeats. Any experiences with the crew from “paintyourapartment” out there? I need to get 2 rooms painted in the next week or so..


I was wondering if anyone had any idea about how much I should expect to spend on painters for a 1000sf apartment. It would need to have years of awful paint stripped first but would be empty when the work was being done. Just trying to figure out about how much I would need to put aside to have the work done! Any advice welcome. thanks!


About to move into a 3bdr new construction condo. The walls are all white- and not a very nice white at that. The entire place needs to be painted. I’m contemplating doing it myself- between friends and family I probably have most of the gear- but is it crazy to do? I’m afraid of the costs of hiring a painter.

Anyway- and horror stories about DIY paint that would scare me straight? Or do people think its worth the cost savings?

I also want to hang wall paper on 2 walls- and I know I can’t do that myself. Since its such a small job- should I just get someone to do it all?

Any recommendations if I do hire someone? Weirdly, there are not too painters that come up in the forum- seems like everyone uses their own guy which of course they love.

Anyway, thanks for the help.


Just wanted to recommend this guy that painted our entire brownstone. His name is Nelson and he lives in Connecticut but is willing to commute.

My husband and I are just amazed with the work these guys did and how quickly they did. They are very meticulous and respectful of the home.

He charged us about $30/hr. The only caveat is that he doesn’t speak a ton of english…but enough to get by.

If you would like his number, email me at ewalkerfortin at gmail dot com


can anyone recommend a painter for interior work.

and btw, what range of cost should i expect for painting entire enterior of a “standard” victorian – let’s say, 3 floors, 6 bedrooms, etc.