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I had to write to recommend a great carpet cleaner I found here on A few years ago I sent my rug out to be cleaned and when it came back I did not see a difference. This time I decided I wanted someone to come to my home to clean it. Jarred from JL Carpet and Upholster Cleaning came. He did a wonderful job and is a really nice guy. Everyone that has seen my carpet can’t believe it. Sorry if I sound like a commercial but when I find someone good I have to share. He is very passionate about carpets and was talking about fibers and how to treat them. Who knew?

Phone:(917) 583-4245

Tell him Sarie sent you.



I need to clean our gutters but they are too high for our ladders.

Does anyone have the name of a service that will do this and a ball park price?



So I have a new AO Smith hot water boiler that’s only been in use for around 6 months. It’s located inside the mechanical room where the room temperature tends to be warmer than it is in living space.

The dilemma here is that the pilot light goes out every few days and when it does I’m force to reignite it everytime. My guess is that water drops from condensation is what’s causing the pilot to go out. I have this hunch because everytime I reignite my boiler i can hear the drops fall onto the flame.

This has started since day one…has anyone got a clue what I can do to fix this? I only assume this won’t happen in the summer, but then I could be wrong.


Now that much of my home renovation is completed I am seeking a cleaning person who is a really good organizer. I am not interested in a professional organizer. I used to have a cleaning person who was also a fabulous organizer but she moved out of state. Thanks in advance


Hi All,
Can anyone please recommend someone to shovel snow from in front of a house in Brooklyn Heights? There is no stoop, just a ground floor entrance. I know there was a similar forum post a week or so ago, but referrals were for different neighborhoods. Any help much appreciated!


We don’t have any leaks or cracks in our (rubber) roof, but it’s almost 15 years old, and we wonder whether we should do something to make sure that it lasts through the winter. (We hope not to replace it quite yet, esp. since we’re not having problems, but we don’t want to be dummies, either.)