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Starting a renovation and need to find a new home for these light fixtures and ceiling fans. Best offer/ cash only. Happy to email pics (they wouldn’t upload). I have:
foyer fixture, 3 dark ceiling fans with lights, 1 white ceiling fan with light, 1 glass sconce, 1 glass chandelier, one “schoolhouse” light, a couple of other ceiling lights. Please contact me if interested. Thanks.


We are seriously considering installing solar tubing to light a kitchen in the back part of our condo. Its dimensions are about 10×17 feet so about 170 square feet. Before going ahead we would like to see some real life examples(s) of the use of solar tubing to light a space. Does anyone know of an installation that we can view? We would appreciate any information that can be supplied to meet our need to see an installation before we proceed. Thanks.


Any idea what this rather odd light fixture might have been for? I believe it is a converted gas lamp. But it looks too crude to be residential.


A ceiling light in my living-room, about ten years old, apparently just died. Naturally, I assumed it was the bulb, and tried new ones, to no effect.

Have you ever known a light fixture to simply stop working like that? It’s never happened to me, and I’m debating whether to call an electrian (in which case recommendations are welcome, since mine has disappeared), or whether it’s not worth it.

As it happens, it’s a great pendant light that I’ve loved, because you can pull it down (nice with high ceilings), so I know I’m unlikely to find something affordable that I like as well.


For sale two (2) Solavanti flush mount ceiling fixtures: T8 Fluorescent Ring “Lipsy”. See here:
$100 each OBO

Also for sale Louis Poulsen ‘AJ Eklipta’ 18W Compact Fluorescent. See here (this is slightly larger):

$50 OBO

All fixtures were used for one year, professionally removed, and are in perfect condition. (Embarrassingly we didn’t realize they were fluorescent until they were installed.) Available in Park Slope.